Anonymous asked:

where are you? i check your blog everyday but you haven't updated in a long time. are you okay? i miss your doodles :(

hi hi hi e’rrybody omg. Uni started early this August and I had to go back to making “serious” art (((bleaugh))) which is why I haven’t been on much on Tumblr nor have I drawn any new comics.

Aaaaand now my laptop’s broken. Hopefully I could still restore my files and comics. :-(((

I’ve done a bit of doodling on Twitter… but they aren’t comics. You can check them out i guess???? idk ok i’m sorry oops (((@alaniszeta)))

PSA: If I owe you a comic/doodle, I’m still on it. I keep a list, y’know.

alpaca out
boop boop mothaduckas